Total Construction Area (sqm) 73.325
Total Gross Leasable Area (sqm) 35.418
Gross Leasable Office Area (sqm) 34.455
Gross Leasable Retail Area (sqm) 963
Net / Gross Office Floor Area – TOWER (sqm) 1.128 / 1.312
Net / Gross Office Floor Area – PODIUM (sqm) 2.076 / 2.349
Efficency Ratio (%) 86%
Floor Height (m) 4,00 m
Net Floor Height (m) min 2,95 m
Total Indoor Parking Capacity 700
Indoor Parking Capacity per Floor 27 units
Open Parking Capacity Approx. 45 cars
Social Amenities Restaurant, Cafe, Hairdresser, Shoe repair, Pharmacy, Kiosk, Fitness etc.
Raised Floor Height (cm) 18 cm
Suspended Celling Height (cm) 47 cm
Floor Load Bearing Capacity 900 kg/m2
Openable Windows 8 openable window per floor
Additional Storage Space 50 m² per floor
Green Building Certification LEED Platinum
Energy Efficiency 28% efficiency compared to ASHRAE
40% efficiency compared to local standards
Water Efficiency 50% water efficiency
Charging Units for Hybrid Cars Existing
Restaurant 326 person capacity restaurant serving to building employees
Earthquake Report Exising
Environmental Assessment Report Existing, Clean
Construction Starting Date September 2013
Building Opening Date Second quarter of 2015

Number of Passenger Elevator 8+ 2 + 1
Elevator System Destination Selection System
Elevator Capacity 1.350 kg / 18 person
Speed: 4,0 m /sec
Average Elevator Interval Time 23,4 sn
5 Min. Handling Efficiency % 13,1 %
Number of Freight Elevator 1 unit
Freight Elevator Capacity 1000 kg / 13 person
Speed: 2,5 m/sn


Heating and Cooling System
Climatization System: 4 Pipes Fan-Coil in the office areas; VAV in the common areas
Providing full flexibility to users due to various working hours and consumption follow up 
Cooling Power Capacity 4800 kW/hour
Heating Power Capacity 4800 kW/hour
Fresh Air Capacity 50m³/person/hour
Water Tank Capacity Total capacity of 330 m³ water tank, which is equal to app. 5 days water consumption.


Elekctric Power Capacity for the Leasable Areas 45 W /m2
Number and Power of Transformers 3 x 1600 kVA
Transformer System Ring system provided from different networks
Number of Generators ( Back Up) 3 adet
Number and Capacity of Generators 3 x 1600 kVA (%100 back-up)
Capacity of Generator Fuel Tank 20 ton
Generator Run Time 24 hour, continous
Fiber Optic Cable Existing
Security System Metal Dedectors, Unique Card ID, CCTV, X – Ray, Bollards
External Phone Line Capacity per Floor 50 external lines + 4 x 2 Core SM fiber cable
Emergency Announcement System ( Yes / No ) Var


Fire Extinguishing System Features Fire sprinkler system and fire cabinets are available within the building as well as hydrant system on site.Dry fire subression systems are employed in critical technical areas inc. IT rooms.Fire prevention and suppression systems are designed in line with NFPA standards.
Fire Detection System Existing
Number of House Cabinet per Floor 2 fire cabinets at each floor of the Tower,4 fire cabinets at the ground level of the Podium,3 fire cabinets at the 1st floor of the Podium,9 fire cabinets at the 1st basement,10 fire cabinets at the each floor of 2nd, 3rd and 4th basements
Capacity of Fire Water Tank 150 m³
In Use Sprinkler System Type Water & Dry fire subression together
Halogen Free Cable in Use ( Yes / No ) Existing


Note: Anadolu Gayrimenkul has right to change all systems expressed above without any prior notice.