The Meeting to Eliminate the Carbon Footprint: The ”AND” 2015 Summit

At the Anadolu Gayrimenkul “AND 2015 Summit”, held on Thursday January 08, and bringing together the professionals of the industry, all the energy used during the event was calculated and the carbon footprint eliminated.

AND 2015 ZirvesiAnadolu Gayrimenkul, both to greet the new year of 2015 and also to evaluate the previous year together with the industry’s professionals, organized an event at the construction site of AND, its first office project. Apart from the features of the project itself, the fact that every detail of the event had been examined and planned in such a way as to reduce its carbon footprint, received considerable attention and interest.

At the event, organized by Anadolu Gayrimenkul, the major professionals in the industry were gathered together and every aspect of the industry was evaluated. With this event, the first step was taken towards actualizing the idea of making these meetings into a regular and institutionalized platform.

karbon denkleştirme sertifikaSince the day of its founding, Anadolu Gayrimenkul has approached the city and the environment with respect, demonstrated clearly by having totally eliminated the entire carbon footprint of its first event, and has announced its intention to continue to do so for its future events also.

Every detail of the event, from the transportation, food and drink and energy used to the gifts distributed and printed materials employed was evaluated with regard to the general emission sources, examined for its carbon footprint and planned in such a way as to reduce its impact.

By balancing the unavoidable one ton carbon footprint generated by the event with the ALTENSİS sponsored ‘Gold Standard’ certified carbon reduction projects, the potential environmental impact of the event was rendered neutral.